This Year's Distinguished Speakers Include:

Vice Admiral Manson K. Brown
Deputy Commandant for Mission Support
United States Coast Guard
Rear Admiral Mark Heinrich
Commander, Naval Supply Systems, 46th Chief of Supply Corps
US Navy
Mr. Redding Hobby SES
Deputy Director, J3
Defense Logistics Agency
Mr. Lane Collie SES
Director, Logistics and Readiness Center
Rear Admiral Mark Buzby
Commander, Military Sealift Command
US Navy

The Future of Logistics and Materiel Readiness and Requirements to Support Global Operations

Today’s Military Global Force operates in all continents and oceans around the world, securing the world’s main trade routes, supporting global economy and pursuing global peacekeeping. With all of these demands, our Armed Forces are faced with an array of challenges. One of these principal challenges is maintaining materiel and logistical readiness and being able to sustain the ongoing global operations from a strategic level to a tactical level.

IDGA’s Military Sustainment will bring together experienced sustainment and logistical key leaders that will address the future of the warfighter's sustainment and stewardship excellence. It will also examine the varying levels of success of materiel readiness and logistical techniques seen during the Iraq and Afghanistan drawdown. Also addressed are the future efforts of policy leaders and commanders to maintain a stable and effective global sustainment force.

Gain insight on the latest Logistics and Materiel Readiness and Requirements such as

  • Future acquisition processes and programs
  • Optimizing life cycle and maintenance assets
  • Increase in prepositioned stocks
  • Adaptive and agile sustainment concept
  • Asymmetrical sustainment
  • Enhanced and optimized strategic airlift assets
  • Total asset visibility of sustainment Assets

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